North American Hunting Extravaganza


Yay! Let's Kill Stuff!

Everyone knows that the majority of people playing the Wii are Japanese women and children between 8 and 13, right?  Who would have thought that this demographic would be screaming for a hunting game?  Well, thankfully the guys at Arcade Moon and Destineer are such forward thinkers that they brought the Nintendo world the one thing that it has deperately been lacking: an animal murder simulator.

On one hand, the Nintendo is a perfect platform for a hunting game.  The innovative Wiimote can be held just like a gun (or rifle with laser sight if you use the Eagle Neptor shotgun grip reviewed here).  On the other hand you have a horde of impressionable little minds that are used to the realistic arcade physics of Mario Kart (reviewed here).  Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for familiarizing our youth with deadly firearms.  We need every able body we can get for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Head out into the wild to track and hunt the most dangerous game in North America. Become a master hunter by traveling across the country and honing your skills to go after bigger and more dangerous prey. Set your sights on over 20 different wildlife species, with a variety weapons and hunting equipment at your disposal.


  • Hunt over 20 different wildlife species including: whitetail deer, moose, coyote, mountain lions, and the mighty grizzly bear.
  • Travel across 3 expansive regions in North America
  • Aim at your target with intuitive Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls.
  • Purchase new hunting gear to take out in the field. Choose from a vast arsenal of guns and bows including: shotguns, rifles, crossbows, and many more. Buy binoculars, hunting scents and rifle scopes to lure and track your prey.

You play the role of a hunter, and you are out to collect some carcasses to hang on your virtual wall.  Fortunately, there are no other humans while hunting, so you can’t go all Dick Cheney on your best friend.

Before you can relieve critters of their various fluids, you must select a hunter, and each avatar has different strengths and weaknesses.  The weird thing is, the female character has better stats than any other, and I’m sure guys don’t mind staring at her virtual curves.  In the end, the stats don’t really matter, because the gameplay is so broken.

In all seriousness, hunting is a grown-up subject, and those playing a hunting simulator are ready for the thrill of the hunt, and all the patience that it entails.  This game apparently is catered to the Wii’s primary demographic, because it is extremely unrealistic.  The physics are just as arcade-like as the forementioned Mario Kart, and the animal AI is practically written to make the beasts suicidal.  If you miss a shot (which is extremely likely), then you really don’t have to worry: the animal will run back and forth as a courtesy until you politely put it out of its psychosis.