Non-Conductive Anodized Shim Review



If you have ever installed a heatsink to a Socket A CPU, such as a Duron, Thunderbird, or Athlon XP you know that it can be a nerve wracking task. Because the cores of these Socket A CPUs are so fragile installing a heatsink improperly can destroy the chip completely; which means you are out a lot of money. There is however a simple solution…

Enter the Non-conductive purple anodized shim. This little piece of aluminum can save you hundreds of dollars easily. This shim fits EVERY socket A CPU that means the Athlon, Duron, Palomino, Morgan, and Spitfire cores. The purple anodized shims go through 4 manufacturing processes before they are complete and are anodized, so they don’t conduct electricity, which is a good thing because you wont short anything out.

The shim is very thin; the thickness is very precise because it must be completely level with the core to provide proper contact between the core and heatsink. Here is a picture of it next to a penny to show how thin it is.

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Installation is very easy there is really no way to do it wrong, sense the shim is anodized even if you lay it over any of the bridges they will not short because the shim is non-conductive. Take the shim and place it onto the CPU so that the feet of the CPU are in the holes of the shim.

You can put it on inside your case you do not have to take your CPU out; I only did for review purposes. If you have taken your CPU out go ahead and replace it.

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You can now replace your heatsink with ease and no anxiety. You no longer have to worry if it is going to boot up when you push the power button because you think you may have chipped or crushed the core.


This has to be one of the best products for overclockers ever in my opinion. I currently am using this shim on my main computer, which is watercooled, and my server which is air cooled. I would not run either of them without this shim. If you have never put a heatsink on before or are always taking yours off and putting it back on I would recommend this to you. A $7 investment can save you over $200 which the Athlon XP 2000+ costs. I would like to thank ColdCPU for sending me this shim to review, definitely get one of these if you have a Socket A CPU.


  • Low Price ($7.00)
  • Non-conductive
  • Anodized purple
  • Can save you hundreds of dollars


  • None
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.