Noctua NF-B9 Fan Review


Funky colors, interesting design

Noctua has had some great success with their innovative PC case fans, and now they are introducing their first 92mm fan, dubbed the NF-B9.

This new fan distinguishes itself from others on the market with a rather unique blade design, which Noctua claims achieves a new level of airflow and static pressure.  The NF-B9 reaches no less than 64.3m³/h and 1.61mm H2O at 1600rpm.  The fan is claimed to be relatively quiet at 17dBA, partially due to Noctua’s “Vortex-Control Notches” and SSO-Bearings.

The box contains several items to mount the unit and customize its performance.  The fan is colored with Noctua’s signature brown and flesh theme, and the 3-pin fan is sleeved with black mesh to reduce kinking and ensure a long cord life.  In addition to normal mounting screws are four vibration compensators, which are plastic pins that act similar to rubber or silicon grommets to help prevent vibration transfer between the fan and a PC case.

The NF-B9’s highly-optimised blade design achieves an exceptional level of airflow and static pressure that most other fans can only reach at much higher speeds. Bevelled blade tips, Vortex-Control Notches as well as Noctua’s SC drive system and premium-grade SSO-Bearing ensure outstanding quietness and long-term stability.
Bevelled Blade Tips
Due to advanced design measures like the bevelled blade tips, the NF-B9 is surprisingly quiet despite its outstanding airflow and pressure performance.
Vortex-Control Notches
Psychoacoustic optimizations like the Vortex-Control Notches make the NF-B9’s noise pattern more pleasant to the human ear.
Smooth Commutation Drive
The new SC drive system reduces torque variations and thereby ensures improved running smoothness, particularly at lower speeds.
Self-stabilizing oil-pressure bearing
Noctua’s well proven SSO-Bearing technology guarantees supremely quiet operation and exceptional long-term stability.
Noctua NF-B9 Features

specification value
Size 92x92x25 mm
Bearing SSO-Bearing
Blade Geometry NF-B9 Blade Design
Input Power 1,32 W
Input Current 0,11 A
Voltage Range 12 V
MTBF more than 150.000 h
Included hardware
  • Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor (U.L.N.A.)
  • Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A)
  • 4 Vibration Compensators
  • 3:4-Pin Adaptor
  • 4 Fan Screws
Warranty 6 years

Noctua NF-B9 Performance Comparisson

fan mode rotational speed (+/- 10%) airflow noise static pressure
no adapter 1600 RPM 64.3 m³/h 17.6 dB(A) 1.61 mm H2O
L.N.A. 1300 RPM 52.6 m³/h 13.1 dB(A) 1.09 mm H2O
U.L.N.A. 1000 RPM 41.1 m³/h 7.9 dB(A) 0.64 mm H2O

Also included in the box are three power adapters: one standard 4-pin molex connector, and two 3-pin pass-through adapters which reduce voltage to the fan, called the L.N.A (Low Noise Adapter) and U.L.N.A. (Ultra Low Noise Adapter).  These resistant adapters reduce the fan’s speed to 1300 or 1000 RPM, which make the fan quieter, but also reduce the fan’s airflow.  A case outfitted with fans producing only 7dBA of acoustical noise would be a perfect candidate for a Home Theater PC or other appliance where excess noise is not acceptable.

The NF-B9 has an MTBF of over 150.000 hours and comes with 6 years manufacturer’s warranty. Using the supplied Low-Noise and Ultra-Low-Noise adaptors, the fan’s speed can be reduced to 1300 resp. 1000 rpm thus achieving even greater quietness.

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