No Wrath This Week. Happy New Year!

No Wrath this week, too much going on.

I just started Metal Gear Solid 4. Thanks to the internet and youtube, I have a good idea of a few things that I will find out, but I thankfully have most of the story unknown at this point. This is easily the best Metal Gear of the Solid Series, and fixes all the nagging problems of 2 and 3. As much praise as they get, after playing through 2 and 3 in preparation for 4, I know that they really arn’t that great of games. Are they bad? Absolutely not. MGS2 isn’t near as bad as everyone says it is (gameplay wise, the story is terrible), and 3, while an AWESOME storyline, has a system that is just flat clunky in execution. They really needed a radar in part 3, the environments were just too expansive and it was too difficult to navigate through the game. Sure it’s realistic, but it’s a bitch.

MGS 4 fixes all those problems and is just fun to play. It’s got a good balence of story and gameplay to really show us what a post-modern game really is. I remember playing the first MGS and how easy it was to pick up and play it. MGS 4 takes a half hour to get used to, but that is partly because I’m used to the old control scheme. After that, the game is as easy to play as the original, and sneaking was never more fun. In 2 and 3 I was so frustrated with being spotted out of nowhere that I said “fuck it” and just went from point to point until the end. 4 has a good environment to make me want to stay out of site.

After this I may play some Splinter Cell.

I picked up a Nintendo Wii during x-mas. Now I can play Mario Galaxy!!!

I love video games!

Interesting to see what the New England Patriots do with Tom Brady after this season. Sorry, he isn’t as good as everyone claims. Everyone wants the late 80’s and mid 90’s era of football, with Rice, Jackson, Young, Aikman, etc. The problem is, much like basketball, they have SH*T. Favre is the only thing fun to watch and even he is overated. I like Favre as a person, but I think that ESPN has overdone it calling him the greatest. He’s good, and probably the best in the league, but greatest? No, see without Marino or the like, it’s just him. It’s like if we had Micheal Jordan and nothing else in the NBA during his prime.

But back to Brady, he’s good but he isn’t great. Someone needs to get good at football and save the league from turning into the NBA.  And don’t even get me started on that overated piece of sh*t Tony Romo.

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