No Wii Yet

Okay so I’m a loser who hasn’t got their hands on the Wii yet. Ugh… I want one soooo bad! My Zelda is paid off, I just need $250. Well, my moola went into repairing Steven’s damn car door, so I’m a loser. Whatever.

My self-esteem got a slight boost today. Over the summer, Holly, the choir director from Issaquah High School (I graduated from the Issaquah School District, but went to Liberty High School) called me and asked if I’d play piano for their school’s production of South Pacific. They offered me something like $2000 I think. I said I couldn’t because of scheduling. Here’s some back story: When I was in highschool I played piano for 3 musicals, the first one I was 2nd piano and the last two I was the only pianist on the Director’s Score, which means I was in charge of quasi leading the pit orchestra and helping the singers with their parts during rehearsals. It was a big deal, and it is my favorite part of playing piano… ensemble and accompanying work. So… back to the present.
Today I got an email from Doug Longman (Issaquah School District Music Director, and conductor for South Pacific) pleading with me to somehow fit South Pacific into my schedule. He acknowledged that I had turned them down before, but after asking everyone else, they called on me again because they were desperate. I hope to hear back from him soon, I called him earlier today and left a message. We’ll see what happens….
Happy Turkey Day soon everyone! I’m so excited, my mouth is watering already!
Gah math test tomorrow, I need to study!
FOOOODDDDD……FAAMMMIILLLYYY…..GOOD!!! Ugh I need to shower and get going. Happy Thanksgiving!
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