No joke, this conversation actually took place on Halloween when I was working at Gamestop

No joke, this conversation actually took place on Halloween when I was working at Gamestop:

Me: Hey how’s it goin’? Would you like some candy?
Creepy Guy: Are you going to invite me into your van?
Me: Erm no I don’t have a van, but if I had a pick-up you could hitch a ride in the back!
CG: Only if you’ll molest me!
Me: …………………
Yah…. it was scary.
I’m completely depressed right now. I hate my job. I hate teaching piano lessons. No really, I abhor it. Not the kids, the kids are fine. I hate the no benefits, no claimable income, unstable income, and all the driving. One student finally kicked me off the rocker yesterday because they abuse the system by taking a lot of days off and not paying me for it. THEN they asked if one of their daughters could take lessons every other week. It really screws with my schedule, because I’m driving 20 minutes out of my way for 1 kid. Ugh.
You know, the worst part is that I got myself into this. If I didn’t have to maintain such a high income, perhaps I could just find a real job. But no….I got myself into this, and I’m stuck. Sad really, and I’m kicking myself in the ass for it.
I got the volunteer position at Planned Parenthood in Federal Way. It’s good, but I’m just going to be working a lot. Damn I’m really not looking forward to work later today.
I’m so stressed out right now I think I may die of a heart attack or stroke….. all I want to do is curl up in the fetal position and cry. Is that bad?
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