NitroX iConn+ iPhone Battery Case Review


Expand your iPhone battery

Nearly every hardware critic agrees that Apple’s iPhone is an evolutionary leap in cell phone gadgetry.  Those same reviewers unamimously condemn the company for its battery policy.  The iPhone’s battery life is woefully inadequate and the battery cannot be easily replaced.  Normally a company puts limitations on a product in order to upsell an additional accessory or upgraded model, but in order to address this problem one must turn to third party vendors.

The external package

There are several battery packs available for the iPhone, all with their strengths and weaknesses.  Some devices are “generic” and are meant to be used to charge any USB device, but these require one to carry the appropriate USB charge cable.  Others are “emergency power” only and are very small and dangle precariously at the bottom of the iPhone.  Most people don’t want to carry a bunch of extra gadgets and would prefer an integrated battery solution.  NitroX agrees and have released their iConn Plus iPhone case with integrated battery power.

Product Features

Simple – Easy to use. Simply clip your iPhone into the Nitrox iConn case and you’re done
Elegant – The Nitrox iConn’s stylish and elegant case design fully protects your iPhone making physical damage a thing of the pas
Battery – The Nitrox iConn increases your 3G surfing time by 5 hours and talk time by 8 hours. Now you can utilize the iPhone’s features to the fullest and never again worry about limited battery life
Certified – The Nitrox iConn is certified for the Apple “Works with iPhone” product certification

Nitrox iconn+ case/charger
Length x Width x Height: 66×137x22mm (4 x 1.2 x 7 inches)
Net weight: 88 grams
Power Input: 5V/1Amp (Max)
Power Output: 5V/500mA(Typical)
Battery: Li-polymer 3.7V/1200mA perh


A note about battery life

One thing that should be noted right up front is the misconception about “estimated” battery life with a smartphone.  Cell phones and other smart devices are absolute marvels at battery efficiency as they vary the power of their CPUs, backlighting, radios and other features in order to maximize the available juice (read “10 Ways to Increase iPhone Battery Life” here).  Many smartphones turn off powersaving features when they are plugged in… and the iPhone does not make any distinction between being plugged into a wall socket, USB port, or external battery pack.

Ergo the iPhone is running at “full speed” when running on external battery power.  Many vendors claim “twice” the battery power, and if you look at the rated milliamps of these products then they are right.  In practical use, you will not get twice the running time, and your mileage will vary.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at the actual product…