Newspaper Closings and the Internet

Have you noticed that a lot of long-standing businesses are going under lately? Not all of them are directly related to the economy.


All across the country, several newspapers and magazines like the Electronic Gaming Monthly, Seattle Times, Rocky Mountain News, and many others are closing their doors. Many thought that some of these giants would never go under, because they have been in business for over one hundred years in some cases.

The reason is that people aren’t reading newspapers. Some papers are even FREE and they’re having trouble, because they can’t get advertising revenue. They can’t get advertising revenue because they don’t have the circulation. They don’t have the circulation because people are getting their information on the Internet.


If you’re a long-time newspaper reader, you are angry and upset that your favorite periodical is no longer around. This is what happens when you take things for granted… they may not be around later.

Newspapers closed because they weren’t getting money. What do you think will happen to your favorite websites when they aren’t getting any money?…

Just like the “paradigm shift” that occurred to newspapers, traditional websites may one day be obsolete.

Many websites will close, because they just aren’t making money, because people are blocking ads. I know, everyone thinks that everything on the Internet should be free, but seriously… it’s not like YOU are paying for it like you do a print magazine. With magazines you have to pay for the magazine AND still be littered with ads (The Official Xbox Magazine in particular is nearly HALF ads).

I understand about Ad blockers, and support them in spirit on those websites that absolutely abuse the ad system. But c’mon… you can turn it off for your favorite sites. They need your support to stay online.

One day your favorite websites may no longer be there. What if every site closed down? Or, what if every site turned to a “subscription-only” model?

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Alan is a web architect, stand-up comedian, and your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. You can stalk him on the Interwebs via Google+, Facebook and follow his ass on Twitter @ocmodshop.