New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Hands on


It's a meee, Mario!

Nintendo’s booth had a slew of 1st party titles coming for the DS and the Wii, but none were more effective at re-imagining old school NES games than New Super Mario Brothers.  Once a sole DS title, the game has now made a Wii incarnation and it’s every bit as fun as its predecessor.

The demo we played had a handful of levels to mess around in. One was a re-imagining of the very first stage from the NES original others involved typical swimming, running through fortresses etc.

Familiar Mario enemies partrol the stages. Expect your fill of goombas koopa troopers and other baddies. Two stages even had us up against the koopa kids from the NES hit Super Mario  Bros 3. Larry and Morton Koopa were there to greet Mario at the end and provided some fun, albeit easy, boss fights.

The spirit of the original Mario is here. Only one other power-up was found outside of the fire flower: The propeller head. Mario controls just as he did in his younger days running back and forth jumping up and down, and having a few new moves like the ground stomp and air twirl (from previous games) round out his repertoire.

At it’s heart, this game is a 2D old-school adventure that really brings older gamers back to the 80s while makes something interesting for younger gamers who know nothing about Mario’s heritage. The level design continues to impress and the game is just flat simple-it’s the simplicity that gets more difficult later on. Be on the lookout for this, it may not be Super Mario Galaxy in terms of it’s complexity, but it still looks to be a promising title for Winter, 09.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.