New 'Old' Videos Posted

It seems like videos are everywhere on the internets.  I have lots of videos from several events, but haven’t uploaded them because of several problems.

For one, it take a lot of time to edit and compress the videos.  I was familiar with old versions of Premiere, but mucking around with this software is no easy task, even for simple projects.

Two: I really didn’t have a place to put them.  One reason I started my own hosting company was so I had extra bandwidth to share videos. 

I recently got a Director account at YouTube, so now I can share videos of any size and any length… so now I’m totally on board with the video thing.

So, without further ado, here are some old videos that I meant to do something with, but never did until now.

Here’s a 3-minute nugget of the Gears of War 2 Launch Party from November 7, 2008.

Here’s the PC Hardware Panel from PAX 2008.  It features Sun’s Chris Melissinos and Robert ‘Razerguy’ Krakoff.

…and for those of you who want to see my Rock Band awesomeness… here is me and my in-laws playing Rock Band 2.

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