New Motorcycle Boots

Went and got some new motorcycle boots yesterday… very exciting! Unfortunately it feels like wearing a cast, so it has been difficult to break them in.

Motorcycle course begins tomorrow, everyone with me luck so I can get my license! I can’t wait to start riding again…

Had a revelation last night. Steven and I put our dogs in their kennels at bedtime and we didn’t have to share any covers with them. It was so nice, and they couldn’t poop or pee on the floor either. Poor George kept whining, but he got over it and fell asleep.

Working today at Gamestop. I have to admit that I am feeling better about not teaching anymore. Seems as though my students have gotten over it. Plus, Steven has made a lot of commission this month, so the financial transition won’t be too difficult either.

Stupid computers at school aren’t supporting my math program. I’ll have to wait until class starts to catch up.

Tell me I’m not crazy for thinking my math teacher is stupid for taking attendance in college. I have a 4.0 in the class for tests and assignments, but because of my attendance I have a 3.9. What the hell!? If I’m obviously getting the material why should I have to show up to class just to watch her do problems on the board? I don’t get it. Oh well.

Passed the motorcycle test yesterday! 92% biatches!

I already have a 2006 Honda 599. I had been riding for a year previously with my permit, and I’m not sure I can ride with my feet out in front of me. Lol. (Although I had to ride a Honda rebel 250 in my class, where I rode with my feet in front.) And I don’t want a Suzuki Hayabusa because I don’t want to kill myself. Haha.

Perhaps you missed the above information that I already have a bike… lol. Don’t really need to spend another 10K. Happy with the naked sport I already have!

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