New motherboards to launch from Intel

Intel apparently has some new boards ready to roll, I missed a few days ago.  While normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, it’s what they support that is: a 1066 MHz bus.  These will be the first in a bunch of motherboards to launch, and they may be launching as soon as the next couple of weeks (my supposition from the fact that they accidentally leaked info to their web page a few days ago).  There’s a bit of info here from The Inquirer.

For those OCers among us, if you plop a 2.8 GHz 800 MHz bus chip on these puppies they may be able to run at 3.733 GHz (no guarantees of course, these are Intel boards), if not on these then certainly on other motherboards.  Slick, eh?  It also means that the DDR2 memory will run in synch with the FSB, offering a modest performance boost there as well.