New Forum Threads

OCModShop is expanding its content and has added more forum threads! 

Below are some of the new forums:
  • General Games Discussion (previously the Games thread under Other Forums)
  • Xbox 360 – Xbox 360 news, hardware & software
  • Xbox Discussion – Classic Xbox games and discussion
  • Gaming Peripherals – Game controllers, memory cards and other equipment
  • Game Walkthroughs – Articles on how to beat your games
  • Tips & Tricks – Techniques to make your game better
  • Online Games – Online PC and Xbox Live thread.  Talk about WoW, Everquest, BF1942 and other online games


  • Photoshop Techniques – Graphics how-tos and photo editing
  • Photography Articles – How to make your photography better
  • Camera Discussion – Talk about and compare digital cameras from Nikon, Canon, Olympus and others
  • Samples/ Galleries – Upload your favorite photos and share them with others
  • Photography News – Latest info in the Digital Photography world

Home Theater

  • Media Center – All about Microsoft’s Media Center PCs
  • Audio Components – Amplifiers, Sound Cards, Speakers and stuff
  • Video Components – HDTVs, projectors, video cards and stuff
  • Shows – Talk about your favorite TV Shows
  • TiVo community – DVRs and stuff
  • Gallery – Show off your home theater!
New Gaming, Digital Photography and Home Theater sections have been added
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