Neves for Nintendo DS



Casual games are becoming more and more popular, possibly because more and more people are looking for a quick diversion from their daily lives.  The Nintendo DS is one of the most popular casual game platforms, due in part to its ease of use and high portability.  Puzzle and other “brain” games are making more frequent appearances on the dual-screen handheld, as well, and game makers are taking notice.

In Japan, one popular mind-bending game is the classic game of “Hanayama’s Lucky Puzzle”.  This solitaire-like puzzle consists of seven wooden blocks, with the goal to create familiar shapes in as few steps as possible.  This game can occupy your mind for several minutes or several hours depending on the puzzle’s complexity, which is exactly what the casual gaming audience wants.

Yukes Interactive now has a way for fans of the game to play without lugging around a bunch of wooden pieces.  The Nintendo DS version of “Neves” is an electronic version of “Hanayama’s Lucky Puzzle”, which gives users the option to play the puzzle by themselves or in competition with a friend.

NEVES is a great game to play over the holidays. You can play versus mode with just one cartridge. Challenge your family members or friends over the holidays to see who has the real brains. NEVES is a great mental exercise that challenges your critical thinking and spatial awareness skills.

Game Description
Try your hand at the newest puzzle game to hit the Nintendo DS with NEVES. Published by Yukes, NEVES captures all the fun and mind-bending challenges of the classic Japanese game Hanayama’s Lucky Puzzle and places it on the quirky and revolutionary Nintendo DS.

Focusing on the cognizant gameplay of the mature puzzle audience, each puzzle in NEVES features seven wood blocks that must be aligned to match a corresponding silhouette. Shapes can range from simple items like a key or chair to more complicated objects such as birds and airplanes. And with the innovative controls of the Nintendo DS it’s as easy as ever to position your pieces, but solving some of the puzzles is anything but!

  • Four Different game modes (Silhouettes?, 7 Steps, Time, Pressure, and Versus)
  • Over 500 Different Puzzles
  • Easy to use controls for the Nintendo DS
  • Keep track of your victories an solved puzzles in the trophy room
  • Challenge a friend wireless with just one NEVES game cartridge!
DetailsPublisher: YUKE’S Company of America
Release Date: November 6, 2007
Genre: Puzzle
Multiplayer: Yes
ESRB: E for everyone expected
Platform: Nintendo DS