Nero is annoyingly bloated

Nero is an annoying bloated piece of software. I don’t need a CD burning package the size of Windows XP to burn CDs and DVDs. ESPECIALLY since everything is built into Windows except for raw ISO handling.

PS: Firefox is a small installer, but why does it cause my hybrid HDD to spin nearly constantly when I run it? IE7 doesn’t do this, it spins less than 3% of them time when I’m running IE7. That’s an hour of battery life down the drain for running Firefox, so I think not…

That said, Safari is better, but it doesn’t support my fingerprint readers so I’m sticking with IE7 which does support my fingerprint reader.

Just because you hate MSFT is causing you to miss out on some great software. I run OS X, heck I’m even Apple certified (and while I’m getting my 70-685, I don’t have it yet), and I love open source and Safari. But I’m not about to say that “the more i don’t use MS the better” (sic).

And if you really wanted to, you could run all of your Windows games in OS X wink