Nerd Alert…

Yesterday I went out to a new bar and grill in downtown Des Moines… it was super awesome. It’s called “Butler’s Bar and Grill”. I had a weird drink there, but I think it was only weird because the bartender didn’t know what the hell he was making.

Then, Dennis and I went to the piano bar. They had a chick playing there, which was totally unusual, but she was great! Okay, now here’s something I want answers to:

Whenever I go to the piano bar, it is always the fattest chicks who are the drunkest, loudest, sloppiest dancers, and biggest attention whores. There was this bachelorette party with nasty fat chicks, and then this disgusting ENORMOUS woman who was obnoxious and wanted the drummer to show his man titties. Then, she paid him $20 to have his shirt, and she tried it on and it wouldn’t even come up to her shoulders. I mean, I like attention too, which is why I was dancing to “Baby Got Back”, but I wasn’t being disgusting and was somewhat conservatively dressed for the occasion… (no spaghetti straps or dresses, jeezus it was only 20 degrees fahrenheit!) Gah.

So someone tell me why this is.

Trisha had a really epic biography, but made us take it down. Something to do with government conspiracies, Cthulu, and being the "Chosen One" or something. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishaDuerr.