Need some Advice

Okay everyone who reads my blog… I need some advice. Really, I need all the advice I can get….

Let me ‘splain.

So I took a crappy job when I moved in with my boyfriend because he and I could commute together and work the same hours four days a week. I also needed a job while I was looking for piano students in my new area.

Now, because of school and my new students, he and I don’t commute together, at all. So that crosses out one of my number one reasons for working there.

This woman.. whose name I will not mention… is a perfectly nice person. To her friends and customers….that is. I don’t understand exactly, but she treats me like crap. She said when I started that she didn’t want to babysit me, but that’s all she does. Asking “Did you do this? Did you do that?” When she should know I am perfectly capable of putting labels on boxes. Thank you.

Also, she throws a million tasks at me to get done, while she goes off and socializes. I end up with no product to sell (she has to make arrangements) because she’s rather write emails to her pals or spend copious amounts of time on the phone with them. She doesn’t remember anything the reps tell her, never invoices her accounts, and hardly meets any deadlines. Literally she could be gone for the whole day while I run the store, and in the meantime, she’ll call and hound me about whether I’ve gotten certain tasks accomplished or not.

I realize some people may be slackers. I also realize that there is a perfectly tempting computer to play on while I’m at work. Yet, I do have a conscience, and I do realize that I am getting paid (a measly $10/hr) to help her out. Which I do an extraordinarily good job at. I make her tons of money, do all of her accounting, all of the store organizing, so on, and so forth.

Sometimes, I even go down to the bank and make her mortgage payment for her (I mean I drop off the checK). Sometimes, I even help her dodge phone calls from people she doesn’t want to talk to. In fact, almost all the time my job description could be “Personal Assistant”.

So, after all of this beach beach beach… here is the dilemma:

I do her accounting, so I know how in the hole her company is. Today is payday, I just moved, and I have to buy new textbooks and pay rent with this paycheck. She told me today, after giving me my paycheck, to not cash it until tomorrow, AFTER she goes to the bank, which is AFTER I get to work, which means I can’t cash my check until tomorrow AFTER 5PM!

My question is: do I have a right to just quit my job? Should I feel bad if I do said quitting? The fact is: if I give her two weeks notice, I know my life will be a living hell for my last two weeks, and I don’t have a good fake excuse for quitting (like, “school is too demanding”). What should I do!?!?!?

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