Need for Speed: Shift (PSP) Review


Give a Shift

There are hundreds of racing games out there now.  It seems to be what everyone wanted out of every portable gaming system and stationary console.  I remember my first computer, a Tandy, and the only giant floppy disc it came with was a simple racing game that was unbelievably boring and easy.  That was my first taste of racing games, and I didn’t like it.  Then I got an N64 and discovered Mario Kart for the first time.  I was hooked on that game.  I played it like a fiend.  After that things kind of went downhill for me and the racing genre.  I went on to FPS games and have been there ever since.  The Fast and Furious movies re-sparked my fascination with street racing and I started moving back in that general direction.  Only video games are nothing like the movies.  Did you ever play the official game of F&F?  Sucked.  It got the bone.

So when I saw an online ad for the PSP port of Need For Speed: Shift, and watched some gameplay on Youtube, I had to check it out.  Street racing, time challenges, drifting… all in one?  Had to be pretty sweet, and the graphics looked great even on the small screen.  So I scored a copy of it, got it home, and with high hopes and a full battery I gave it a good run.  I found excitement and disappointment alike, but who doesn’t with most games today?

The PSP was just one of the many gaming options that Shift was made available to.  It also came out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.  Retailing at $39.99, you can purchase it at any gaming location or from the official EA store.  I strolled on down to Gamestop and got my copy for the retail price and proceeded to do most of my testing in the parking lot outside.  I got some strange looks from the people in the Subway next door, but screw ’em.  If they knew anything they wouldn’t be at Subway.  They don’t matter.