NCAA Football 09 FAQ & Strategy Guide


Foreword, controls, starter tips

This is my first attempt to provide insight for a sports game. I fancy myself at being good at football games, and maybe even a smart football fan about all things football.

The reason I write this guide is because I noticed my own struggles while playing the dynasty, and I hope to pass the knowledge onto you.If this guide is a success, maybe I can easily transfer it to other football



This is the most comprehensive controls section I’ve ever made, so you better like it.


When you see X (A), it means PS3 (XBox 360)

PS3 Control Xbox 360 Control
L3 L3
R3 R3

General Controls
Move player – LS
Sprint – R2 (RT) (can be bad at times)
Switch player – tap O (B), hold and direction to scroll
Show routes (playart) – R2 (RT) + Up; bluff with R2 (RT) + left/right
Audible – SQU (X)
Preplay help – R3
Replay – L1 + R1 (LB + RB)
Timeout – Select (Back)
Pause – Start

Offense Mode Actions / Controls
Hurry-Up *Hold all of these after a play is overHurry – X (A)
Hurry and call last play – TRI (Y)
Spike – SQU (X)
Fake spike – O (B)
Pre-Play *While at the line of scrimmageTimeout – Select (Back)
Snap – X (A)
Fake snap – R1 (RB)
Quiet Crowd – L3
Audible – SQU (X) and then one of the receiver buttons that corresponds to
the pre-set play. These are displayed for you in this game.
Motion – hold O (B)  + left/right to select a player, then press left/right
to send him in motion
Flip run – RS left/right
Slide Protection – L2 (LT) + up/left/down/right
Hot Routes *These are pre-playSelect player – press TRI and then the receiver’s button
Hot Route – after you select a receiver, press one of the following routesStraight up – LS up
Come back – LS down
In/Out route – LS left/right
Fade – RS up
Drag – RS down
Slant – RS left/right
Block – left/right = L2/R2 (LT/RT)
Smart route – R1 (RB)
Cancel – O (B)
Passing *Keep in mind you can move in the pocket, and run and pass so long as you
never cross the line of scrimmagePass the ball – X, O, SQU, TRI, L1 (A, B, X, Y, LB);
tap for a lob, hold for bullet pass
Throw away (out of pocket) – R1 (RB)
Pump fake – flick RS
Run – R2 (RT) (same as sprint)
Option Plays Pitch/Lateral – L2 (LT)
Fake pitch – L1 (LB)
Fullback (triple option, hold at handoff) – X (A)
Running *This is when running to start, with the QB, or after a catchSprint – R2 (RT)
Spin – O (B); RS in a circle
Dive – SQU (X)
Hurdle – TRI (Y)
Stiff Arm – X (A)
Protect ball – R1 (RB)
Lateral – L2 (LT)
Juke – RS left/right/down
Highlight stick – RS up
Catching Switch to receiver – O (B)
Catch – TRI (Y)
Diving catch – SQU (X)
Blocking *I guess someone may want to do this, sadlyFor a running play, switch to player like a hot route, then press L1 (LB) to control that blocker after the snap. Press the RS up for an impact block, or down for a cut block.


Of course after an INT or fumble, normal running moves apply.

Defense Mode Action / Controls
Pre-Play Timeout – Select (Back)
Audible – SQU (X)
Jump Snap – L2 (LT)
Pump up Crowd – L3
Defensive line audibles – L1 (LB)
Linebacker audibles – R1 (RB)
Coverage audibles – TRI (Y)
D-Line Audibles *L1 (LB) and then any of these buttons, or O (B) to cancelShift – LS left/right
Spread/Pinch – LS up/down
Crash – RS right/left/down
DE contain – RS up
Linebacker Audibles *R1 (RB) and then any of these buttons, or O (B) to cancelShift – LS left/right
Spread/Pinch – LS up/down
Blitz – right/left/all = RS left/right/down
LB Zone – RS up
Coverage Audibles *TRI (Y) and then any of these buttons, or O (B) to cancelShow blitz/Show man – LS left/right
Soft/Press – LS up/down
Safety zone shade – RS left/right
Safety shade – RS up/down
Hot Routes *Tap O (B) to select player, then press X (A) and one of these buttons, cancel
with O (B)Hook Zone – LS up
QB Contain – LS down
Man Coverage – LS left + receiver icon
Buzz zone – LS right
Blitz – RS down
Deep zone – RS up
QB spy – RS left
Flat zone – RS right
After Snap Bull rush – R1 (RB)
Finesse move – L1 (LB)
Hands up – TRI (Y)
Special Teams Kick – LS change height and direction of kick; RS down until in the red, then
up in the direction when in the red or close to it for power. Don’t
adjust kickoff height please.
Punt – same as kick, just know low punts will be returned easier.
Fair catch – TRI (Y)
Kneel in endzone before leaving – don’t move
All other moves apply when returning.

Starter Tips

  1. Watch out for when entering the dynasty mode, as it resets the base difficulty set in you quick games. Basically, if you blow out your first 2 opponents, most likely the game difficulty was set to varsity. Just something to watch out for.
  2. In most of the windows there is the option to press select and have a helpful audio track give you some advice.
  3. Be sure to quick save (LS) when you’ve done something, such as finished your recruiting or a game. Not only do you ward off the ability of a storm to ruin your game, but you cheaters can at any time restart when you’re losing a  game. It’s up to you if you do this, everyone has at some point.
  4. Please note that there are ways to filter most lists with the shoulder buttons.
  5. When playing, I always kick the ball to start a game. That way, no matter what happens in the first half, you can start the second half with the ball.
  6. Not much harm in going for it on 4th down when the ball is near the  40, especially on Heisman where kickoffs and returns usually put the CPU team on the 40 anyway.
  7. A basic tip while passing is to look downfield. Of course if you have  routes that take a while to develop, maybe then you can watch the pocket  collapse and enter scramble mode. You should see where the blitz is coming  from right after the snap and either respond or see if it’s picked up.
  8. It’s best to learn all the shifts before a play. There are three on  defense and one on offense. Then learn all the motions and hot routes for  offense; in time you may want to learn about the defensive hot routes too.
  9. Must play mascot mashup! Maybe that’s ALL you need to play! You can block punts, eh?
  10. A fun way to play heisman is to change the sliders to the CPU to 30 and  you to 70, of course on the defense and offense only. Some may think it’s cheap or whimpy, but on base heisman it’s clearly advantage CPU, and even with these sliders the CPU will get away with stuff still. At least this way you can  have something that resembles real football.
  11. I never play the 2 pt conversion on odd scores. Great if you can score  everytime, but I would rather take my 1 pt and then worry about cruncing #’s later.