My Ultimate Pet Peeve

I thought it may be a good time to discuss my ultimate pet peeve. I HATE it when I go buy something and someone says “Well how come you didn’t get me one!?” GAH!

Example: The other day I bought a Chipotle burrito, then decided to eat it at my in-law’s house. I didn’t know I was going over there before I bought the burrito… and when I got there, my father in-law said “Well maybe I wanted a burrito too! How come you didn’t get me one?” Jeez!

First of all, how am I supposed to know before I buy something if another person wants the same thing. Am I supposed to call everyone I know just on the off-chance I may run into them, just in case they wanted the same thing too!? I hate that they act hurt that I didn’t think of them…. and I hate that it is almost always about food. How am I supposed to know they’re hungry too? At 7pm, I’d assume most people have eaten!

I get that I’m ranting here, but I absolutely hate someone putting me on a guilt trip for something I couldn’t have even known about.

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