My Popsicle Stick Case Mod.


I had this idea a few weeks back about building a PC case entirely out of Popsicle sticks.  A few of my esteemed colleagues and friends have expressed their opinions on the matter.  So to all of you, especially Trisha who is worried about me burning down my house, I just want you all to lay your fears to rest.  In July, right after we are done filming this movie, I am going to get started on this thing.  I hope to have it entirely done by mid-August.

So here the low down.  I already have the heat problem worked out, the thing I’m worried about is stability.  So common wood glue just won’t do when it comes to the vibrations.  If anyone has any suggestions on what I should use let me know.  But please, don’t worry about the heat.  I got this covered.

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