My Network Config

I had been running 100Mbit for a while, but recently upgraded to gigabit since they’re now extremely affordable.

Motorolla cable modem
Linksys VOIP (Vonage) router –> D-link “green” 8-port gigabit switch –> all wired computers in the house
Linksys wireless access point

My house is pre-wired with cat 6 cables, so I have all of this in my bedroom closet (where all of the wiring is).  I just patch into the rooms, which already have network jacks in them. 

The living room has an Xbox 360, Wii, classic Xbox, and HTPC, so I use a 5-port gigabit switch to break out that jack.

I also have another 5-port Netgear gigabit switch in my office to break out my office jack.

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