My latest decision…

My latest decision….
There is a REALLY long story to tell here, but I’m tired of typing already so I’m going to just give the upshot of the whole business….
There is a lot of time this year and next year that I will spend taking one class a quarter at Highline to complete my nursing requirements (because they’re all sequences), and a few quarters where I will have absolutely nothing to do at all. So I’ve made a decision…. while completely my nursing requirements, I’m going to go back to the UW and finish my Anthropology degree.
My reasoning is: I’ve already invested over $12,000 into UW towards a BA, why waste those credits? A sh*tload of HCC credits transfer to UW (I checked the equivalency charts) so I really only have foreign language and anthropology credits to complete before earning my BA in Anthro. If I don’t get into nursing school, atleast I’ll have a BA to get me a decent job in the meantime. Plus I love anthropology and only mildly like nursing, so I want to finish. Lastly, if I wasn’t going to school between finishing my nursing pre-reqs and and starting nursing school, I wouldn’t be able to get a job anyway, because hardly any part time hires for the morning or would be available during my hectic schedule. So I’ll go to HCC and UW at the same time to finish.
It will be difficult and expensive. But I think re-enrolling at the UW is fairly simple if you’ve already gone there. I’m nuts…. but I really want my Anthro degree… I’m so jealous of Jessica, Sarah, and Alex who all have nice liberal arts degrees and I don’t…. I’m getting this BA dammit.
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