My Computer Sucks

Okay evidently my computer sucks and won’t let me upload any “movie maker” software, so I can’t crop my recital video down to a short enough time to post on YouTube. Sorry guys. Alan is going to take care of it though..

I’m exhausted, I just did this stupid math homework that took me 5 pages, front and back. Ugh what a waste of trees for stupid graphs. Ugh. Oh, and dividing polynomials. Hooray.
Tomorrow will be exciting, because I don’t have to work! yay!
I was tired during teaching today. One of my students didn’t practice much, so we wrote in chords to a song for extra credit in humanities! That was much more exciting than saying “okay, now put your right hand thumb on C….” Yes, teaching is usually that boring. With beginners at least.. now you know why most teachers are frumpy old ladies.. they’re the only people that can put up with that crap!
I’m proud of my cross stitch….maybe I’ll post a pic when it’s closer to being finished.
I firmly believe in women knowing domestic sewing, cooking, cleaning, and gardening. It pisses me off when people are like “can you tell me how to set a jello?” or “i ripped the hem out of my shirt and now I don’t know what to do!” Considering a lot of women (40% according to the US census) are stay-at-home moms at least part-time….. you’d think they’d learn this sh*t. Not that I think women should be slaves to the kitchen, because I also think that there are skills guys should have, like being able to fix stuff (like cars and broken front doors). I actually laughed at a guy who blew his motor from not checking his oil… wtf? eek7 Oh, and women on the side of the road that can’t f*cking kneel down to replace a tire or need the attendant at the gas station to check their oil are losers. No wonder so many guys are unhappy with their women! Imagine if they actually got off their asses and made cookies or cleaned the toilet? Like Ron White says “you can’t fix stupid”. Trophy wives may be nice, but if they’re hot retarded walking baby-makers… I can’t see that being satisfying in the long term. Grrr….
Okay that’s my rant for the night. I need to get to bed because DAMN I’m tired!
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