My Chest

I need to get something off my chest because I threatened to do it and I’m going to follow through:


I didn’t mean to yell. But I am pissed. Let me explain:

I used to subscribe to GameInformer. Inside, they had a card for a free trial with I have an iPod, so FREE music sounded awesome.

I typed in my code for the free music, and then typed in my credit card number. When I hit submit, the site froze. So, I closed the site and then reopened it. I tried to log in with the username and password I had just created, and they said that I had no account.

So, I tried to make a new account, and it said that my card was already associated with another account. WTF!? I hadn’t even finished making my account! So then I emailed their customer service and was assured that they would take care of it.

After 3 months of being charged $9.99 for a service I wasn’t even receiving, I decided to try to REALLY make an account so I could shut it down. I got charged for 2 accounts! So I closed one account, emailed customer service, and got another “we’re taking care of it” email.

8 months later, still was charged for this service. Tried to call customer service, but does not have customer service available over the phone. So I emailed them and told them to shut down all accounts associated with my debit card number. This time, I received a “don’t worry” automatically generated email that had nothing to do with my problem.

I emailed back, copied and pasted my original email, and told them to TAKE CARE OF THE DAMN PROBLEM or I, a chick who writes for a gaming website, would blog about how f*cking retarded their site was. (Yes, I am using this blog, and it is going to like it.)

So I finally got an email from a real person, saying that they wouldn’t reimburse me for nine months of a service I wasn’t even receiving, even though the last few months I had been trying to close my account over and over again and it wasn’t getting done. So I decided “screw it” and am now bashing their site.

During the one day that I actually had a real account (in attempts to shut down my first account) I realized that they had no music I actually wanted to download, because they don’t cater mainstream music! No Beatles, no Chemical Romance, no Guns and Roses, no Coldplay, no Death Cab for Cutie, NOTHING popular! They are there for the little guys, and unfortunately, most of the “little guys” are little for a DAMN REASON!

So the end part of the story is Don’t Get an Account Because They Suck.

Anyone else have an emusic story or something of similiar annoyance? :mad:

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