My car loves the snow

My one car loves the snow. My sister was visiting and she has a Subaru Forester. She was coming to my place during a small blizard last year and she was complaining that she had a hard time making it up the hill to my place. When I came home a few hours later, at the height of the storm, I had no issues – in a front wheel drive Avalon. Although, driver skill likely had something to do with it.

See, it came originaly with Dunlop Super Sport all season M+S and would slide all over the place (I got a very rude reminder of this when I cracked a wheel last winter and had to put my Dunlop spare on the front – the darn car could barely move, and that’s just with one tire). And then I put on some Pirelli high performance all season touring tyres designed to be put on much higher performance cars than mine. They grip so well that I can’t even get the ABS to engage on dry roads, and barely on wet roads.

My other car has Michelin MXV4’s – they perform worse in dry weather than the Pirellis in wet.