MUKii TransImp X3 Drive Enclosure Review

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Data storage is a big part of our daily lives now.  I have a vast majority of my movie and television series collection backed up onto external storage.  I transfer data from my laptop to USB flash drives several times per day.  I use an encrypted flash drive to keep backups of my manuscripts, articles, and reviews.  And family videos and pictures take more than anything.  I recently had to purchase a new 1TB drive just for that purpose.

When I moved to California in 2006, I went with only my crappy ZE4400 laptop and an external HDD that I put together myself.  My mentor had given me a 40GB PATA laptop drive, and I had purchased an enclosure at the excellent price of $25.00.  It was small, aluminum, and had only a USB port on it.  You can get ones similar to it today on eBay for ninety-nine cents.  Since it had no vent holes for heat to escape, I drilled intake holes on the flat end and drilled holes in the side to mount a USB-powered fan, which I epoxied on.  The whole thing was jerry-rigged to the eighteenth power.


Now, 40GB is what it takes to back up just one of my Blu-ray movies.  I couldn’t imagine having an external storage drive that small.  So what better way to make sure there’s enough space for my home HD videos and movie backups than to put my own HDD in a custom enclosure?