More Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats

Hints, Glitches, Keychains, and Secret Ending


Drive Extension

Early on in Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora receives new clothing, replacing his rather silly looking attire from the original game. At the same time, he earns the ability to use “Drives” which, among many other things, further alter his appearance while activated. There is a way to “extend” the length of a Drive’s visual change however, so as to reflect in cut-scenes as well: During any of the game’s numerous “objective” based fights, simply complete the fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance for the story event that follows.

Remain in transformed state

If you are in a transformed state, ride a skateboard. You will stay in your transformed state, even if your Drive gauge goes to zero. However, if the gauge is already at zero and you get off the skateboard, you will return to your regular form.


Drive Mode Training

Go to Timeless River. Make sure your Drive is full. Pick any of the four doors in front of you and enter it. Kill all the Heartless in
the area with any transformation then return to Disney Castle before your Drive gauge is emptied. When you return to Disney Castle, your Drive meter is full again. Keep doing this until your Drive level is at maximum.

Drive meter refill

If your Drive gauge is almost empty when in your transformed state, quickly go to a save point and go to Gummi Ship. Then, go to any world desired. When you are in the world selected, notice that your Drive gauge is full again!

Anti Form transformation

When you Drive gauge is at 4, check you transformation. If you only have one transformation that would be the Anti transformation. If your life is on the red and your gauge is full, press Triangle and you will be in your anti transformation.
If your life is on the red and your gauge is full, press Triangle and you will be in your Anti transformation. You must to check if
there is a reaction before pressing Triangle.

Fenrir Weapon

To get the most powerful weapon in this game you must defeat Sephiroth. Be careful, because he has fifteen health bars and is
very strong. To fight him, go to Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion at The Dark Depth area (beyond the area where you must defeat 1,000 Heartless). You can only fight with him after you defeat the MCP (Space Paranoids). After you defeat him, you must talk to Cloud (you can see him at Market Place of Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion). Then, talk with Sephiroth again. After that, you will get Fenrir, which has 7 Attack and 1 Magic.


Complete the indicated task to receive the corresponding Keychain for your Keyblade:

Bond Of Flames: Defeat Axel at Twilight Town.

Circle Of Life: Speak to Simba at The Pride Lands.

Fenrir: Defeat Sephiroth at Hollow Bastion.

Follow The Wind: Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal.

Guardian Soul: Defeat Hades in the “Underworld” segment at Olympus Coliseum.

Gullwing: Speak to Yuna after getting Guardian Soul.

Heros Crest: Defeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.

Hidden Dragon: Defeat Shan-Yu at The Land of Dragons.

Holy Pumpkin: Defeat the Test Subject at Halloween Town.

Monochrome: Defeat Pete at Timeless River.

Oathkeeper: Complete Sora’s first visit to Twilight Town.

Oblivion: Defeat Xigbar at The World that Never Was.

Photon Debugger: Complete Space Paranoids.

Rumbling Rose: Speak to Beast after returning to Beast’s Castle.

Sleeping Lion: Go to Ansem’s study at Hollow Bastion.

Star Seeker: Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower.

Sweet Memory: Complete the Spooky Cave mini-game at The Hundred-Acre Wood.

Ultima Weapon: Get the Ultima Recipe in the Twilight Town mansion basement then make it at a Moogle Shop.

Wisher’s Lamp: Defeat Jafar at Agrabah.

Wonders Of The Abyss: Complete Chapter 4 in Atlantica.

Secret Ending

Like Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II has a II special secret movie that can be viewed at the end of the game after the credits roll.

In “Beginner” mode, you can’t unlock it at all.

In “Standard” mode, you must fully complete all the worlds and Jiminy’s Journal to unlock it.

In “Proud” mode, you need only fully complete all worlds.

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