Monster Trouble Free for iPhone

Monster Trouble Lite is the free version of Monster Trouble HD.
Universal Game for iPhone ,iPad & iPod Touch.

Get Monster Trouble now and start playing the free levels.

Full version of Monster Trouble HD includes :
Now localized in english, French, Italian and Japanese. 
Added a new game mode: survival mode on every level.
Added a new character called manny ,and a new level.
Added credits screen.
Three times faster level boost loading.
Every second tap on a villager the building health is shown.
Water can be used to stun monsters.
Potions damage area increased.
Turned into universal.

What’s New in the full version

New Mount Evil Survival Level in app. 
Terrific 3D graphics.
36 Levels packed with fun.
Survival playing mode on every level.
A terrific cast of characters. Farmer, Hunter, Old Grandma, Fire Eater, Gipsy.
10 types of towers, each with unique features.
10 different types of Monsters to fight.
10 wonderful maps, Granny’s farm, The Mill, The crossroad, Gunter’s hut, The circus, The dry river, The island, The village, Mount Evil.

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