Molested in Gamestop

Okay so I finally have something interesting to write about….

Everyone knows I work at Gamestop:
I went into said store to pick up a game I wanted to borrow and to also trade in a game. I went with Steven, and we were standing in line together while the two other guys I work with (they’re cool guys) were ringing up the people in front of us. So it’s our turn, and then this guy comes in with his three daughters. The girls are pretty young looking, but they’re all obese and slovenly dressed. Anyways…..
So the guy starts making jokes with me, and we somehow get onto the subject that I’m married. He says, “Why are all of the good ones taken? Besides aren’t you too young to be married?” and I said, “no, you’re just too old for me”. Then he proclaimed something about older men having more money, and I said that we make plenty of money….. (mind you, Steven is standing almost right next to me). So then he starts making jokes about how he and his kids should take cocaine to stay up late to play a lot of video games, while still commenting to the guys about my ass. His daughters go “dad…what is cocaine” and he replied “it’s an additive they put in yogurt”… while still making bawdy comments about me. So Steven has about had it, and the other guys are starting to look really pissed off, so without even thinking I said “thank god you don’t have to pass an intelligence test to breed, because you would’ve failed miserably”…. holy f***… he yelled “your ass is mine! Who is your manager!” (he knew I worked there due to the fact I was writing in the employee log..)and I ran out of the store.
Later I came back and talked to the two guys working there and apologized… I was way overboard…. but holy sh*t! He was being disgusting infront of his kids, my co-workers, and most importantly… my husband! Ugh… so question for the guys….if someone was saying that about your wife.. would you have lost it? Or would you have cracked like I did?
Hey, you never know when you’ll have to defend yourself against frat guys… hahaha… I’ve found water balloons very handy actually. Is she taking a bicycle to school? Make sure to get her a pretty hefty lock…. bicycles at the UW were the most commonly stolen item on campus by far. Also, now that I think about it… if there is room get her an extra bookshelf… maybe even from Ikea… I ran out of room for all of my textbooks in the tiny dorm. OH! and…

– mountable lamps/lights
– rugs (those cold linoleum floors)
– extra blankies (for sleepovers)
– lots of extra towels.. for some reason people like to “borrow” those… yuck!
– iron chastity belt (lol)….
alright that’s all I can think of right now…
– condoms
– mac and cheese
– laundry basket and detergent…
– one of those stain removers shaped like a pen
– potato launcher
– printer
– hole puncher
– flashlight
.. lots o random shiat….
Dude, that’s why I don’t work for gamecrazy.. psycho biatchs!! Boo-yah dogs! For all the playas… gamestop is way better yo!!! That’s the worst “trying to communicate with the young” attempt I have EVER SEEN….lol…
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