Modding Controllers

Holy F! Okay kiddo (no patronizing intended) this is what you do:

1. Don’t buy sh*tty controllers in the first place. Modding is great, but for something that we know works so well in the first place (A regular 360 controller), it’s cheaper and less time extensive to just buy the regular controller. Pelican makes notoriously crappy controllers that always break, so I’m sorry you had to put up with that.

2. No offense, but learn to spell. The initial post is so hard to read I ended up putting a nail through my eye.

3. You also bought a USED pelican controller, and then went to the dollar store, and then had to waste the money soldering everything together. Why not just fork over the big dough to get something you know works and doesn’t waste your time and money? Now you have a broken controller and bits of wire everywhere! You can buy a used Xbox 360 controller for 15-20 bucks off of Ebay, usually including free shipping or low cost shipping. Or try craigslist. Google “Craigslist” with the city where you live. There’s bound to be one on there for you.

4. Now take a chill pill. Give up on modding your dumb pelican controller and just find the big cash. Your parents may be stingy, but then how did you scrape up the money for a used pelican controller that probably costs the same as a used 360 controller on ebay or craigslist.

I’m not going to ask about your family problems, because frankly, there’s nothing we can do about it. At last resort, start selling your useless crap in your house on ebay until you have enough money to buy a controller. We at OCMS are modding geniuses, but I’m not sure any of us have an idea of how to help you with your wacko pelican controller.

Now get your panties out of a knot and go find something constructive to do, like save for a good controller!

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