Microsoft Media Center Keyboard Review


Keyboard + Mouse + Remote

If you one of the many of people discovering the joys of a Home Theater PC, then you’ll want to get as much usefulness from it as you can.  Microsoft makes a standard Media Center remote, which works just fine with their 10-foot interface experience, but makes searching for your media a little awkward.  Other vendors have created Media Center remotes that offer more functionality, but sometimes you just need a keyboard.

There are several wireless keyboards out there, but wouldn’t it be great if they had all of your standard Media Center functions integrated right on it?  What if the keyboard could be programmed to power your TV?  What if analog mouse controls were integrated right on the body?

Well,  Microsoft’s Remote Keyboard for Windows Media Center was developed specifically for Home Theater PCs running Windows Media Center to address these tasks with a single device.

Backlit Media Keys
Turn the lights down low without having to squint and peck to control your Media Center

Green Start Button
Launch Media Center PC functions with the press of a single green start button

Work with Media Center PC
Easily control your computer and home entertainment center – including music, movies, and photos – from the comfort of your couch.

Sleek, All-in-One Design
Enjoy all of your digital media clutter-free with this 3-in-1 keyboard with integrated mouse and remote control.

30-Foot Wireless Range
Effortlessly control all kinds of digital entertainment from across yoru living room with thirty-foot wireless range.

Key Lock
The Key Lock keeps this sleek, stylish keyboard from being turned on by mistake, so you can stow it without worry.

Additional Features:

  • Television Control
  • Spill-Resistant Design
  • Cutting-Edge Design

Works with: a Media Center PC that runs Microsoft Windows Vista®, Window XP Media Center Edition 2005 or later and has a Windows® XP Media Center Edition Infrared Receiver.

Remote Keyboard for Windows® XP Media Center Edition requires Microsoft Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 or Windows® Vista® Home Premium or Ultimate. Earlier Media Center Edition versions are not supported.

If you are using Microsoft Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005, you must also install all the available Media Center updates for full functionality.