Microsoft and The Economy


The Empire Lays Off?

The Economy sucks, and everyone is taking it in the ass including Microsoft. Sources close to The Empire say that the majority of layoffs for the company are going to be in the X-box division of all things.

To be perfectly honest, I think video games are the LAST thing you want to eliminate-in this economy they can be the cheapest damn thing to produce. I would much rather spend money on a $60 video game than to spend up a bunch of bar tabs and dates during this struggle. If I were Microsoft, I’d make some budget titles and get them out during this economy.

Lay off Zune employees. It’s still a possibility as the Products and Services division is taking the hit with people pointing the finger at X-box specifically. I’d say just cut Zune. It sucks anyways.

I read an editorial in PLAY magazine about there being too many games. Damn right there’s too many games. This is our dream becoming our worst nightmare. I really hope this year that developers can space their titles out over the course of a year. Gamers aren’t kids anymore, we can buy games at other points in time.

A lot of people have emailed me about Microsoft closing Aces the developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator. My response: They’re still around? Last time I heard about FS was when my pledge brother played it in my fraternity at college, nearly a DECADE ago. I feel sorry for people losing their jobs, but it doesn’t sound like these guys really were needed as far as a development house.

MS Flight Simulator did kick ass back in the day though.

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