Metal Gear Solid Storyline Gripes


MGS Rules

Warning: This is going to spoil Metal Gear Solid 4. Do not, I repeat DO NOT read this if you have not played MGS4 and have followed the series. If you haven’t played MGS4 go play it, because MGS4 effing rules. Come back here, this editorial will be here.


Aw screw it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 may not put the series on hold, but as far as Solid Snake is concerned, it’s going to be a whole new set of characters to continue what happens. I’m not going to go in about all the gameplay quirks and everything already said about the game. I’m here to look at how MGS4 did as far as a Metal Gear game is concerned. Did Konami do a good job bringing the series full circle? Was everything explained the best possible way?

Yes, I think it was.

My one gripe with the storyline of Metal Gear was that after Metal Gear Solid-which introduced a lot of extra material that could be elaborated upon in sequels, MGS2 and MGS3 introduced three times as much new storyline developments IN EACH GAME-and it showed. It seemed that they were running out of time to tie up every loose end in the game, and a lot of it didn’t need to be there. Did there really need to be five AIs? Couldn’t’ there have just been one or two? What’s the point of 5? GW was the only one that made any establishment or place in the story-and even it should have remained destroyed. It’s examples like this. This is what happens when you introduce a bunch of crap and never explain any of it till the end.

I’ve always been an advocator for storytelling in video games-and Metal Gear is a good indication of why. It easily rivals that of any sort of fiction on the market, and it has effects that are better than that of any Hollywood blockbuster.  This is just a rundown of a few things in the story that I personally felt were weak

Character Placement: I can’t fault Konami for bringing just about every major character sans Frank Jaeger back for the fourth installment. But after I marked out seeing how truly hot Naomi Campbell was, it begged the question: Was it necessary?

Answer: No.

The whole new bread of the Foxdie vaccination that took out all The Patriots was pointless for one thing. Eva obviously had a right to be there-but pretty much was destined to die on her own after getting impaled. Naomi had cancer (and Foxdie? Damn that’s tragic). Big Boss was just out there. As cool as it was to see the main baddie of the first two Metal Gears, it just seemed out of place to see him at the end explaining everything. That debriefing very well could have been by someone else like Rose, and Boss could have been seen in a flashback.

That’s two of them.

Zero shows up old and brain dead. I wonder why Big Boss is hanging with his buddy and just forgiving him after essentially being killed by him twice (remember, Snake basically was an agent of the Patriots in the first two MSX Metal Gears). Wouldn’t it have been cooler if they took Zero’s brain and hooked it up as John Doe-the main AI? It’s Metal Gear, that makes more sense than that paraplegic scene of Zero having died moments later in a peaceful death.

Hell, what a boss fight that would be against Zero.

And finally Ocelot. Well Snake is gonna kill him anyways, and you know this in the beginning because it’s obvious.

Remember the Foxdie vaccine was to kill all members of the Patriots that were around, as well as Naomi. Big Boss was the only character that needed to be eliminated. The rest of the characters pretty much die on their own and Foxdie is used to save someone else-but we’ll get to that in a bit.

That’s just how unneeded all these characters are. I love seeing everyone, but it just seems very overwhelming with everything going on. We didn’t need to see Big Boss revived, that tidbit about Solidus’s body being used as Big Boss was just a name drop and nothing more.   Rose and Raiden’s relationship was literally stuffed in there and not necessary.

Think about it, do you think anyone in their right mind would hang around a girl after knowing they spied on him for the last few years? How would you know they were telling the truth about loving you as much as they did (IE. Rose)

Rose is effing hot by the way. That might explain it.