Metal Gear, Metroid Prime annoyances

Just a few words on MGS4. I think it is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

I decided to work through my backlog of games and started with Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. I don’t know why people praised this game because unlike the original Prime, this just doesn’t feel like a Metroid game. The fact the dark world saps my power away just kills the exploration factor that Metroid games program a player to do, and the game’s difficulty was just overhauled to the extreme. One of the things Metroid games are known for is the “kill him quick” bosses because some of them literally have attacks that are unavoidable. Here is no different, but I can’t survive. The bosses have patterns that I can’t figure out and Retro just made them difficult for the hell of it. The bosses in Metroid Prime had depth, these ones are the same spider every other boss room. Snore!

Megaman 2 review up in a few days and a Megaman 3 reveiw next week, and of course…a Wrath for all of you lovers out there.

Oh and El Pato is about to join the Directv family. I said “Screw you Comcast” after they charged me 130 for cable and internet. Comcast is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. They have horrible customer service, overpriced programing, and a lackluster selection of HD channels. I want to watch Wrestlemania in HD…DAMNIT. I may go with Qwest internet, but still debating that. If anyone has used Qwest broadband, please email me with what you think of it. I’m not doing anything besides the occasional WoW raid and Crisis multi-player. So it’s not like I need anything that special.

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