Memorial Day Poop

This weekend is Memorial Day, so most businesses are closed Monday.  I took Tuesday off, so I’m gonna enjoy a 4-day weekend!  Woo hoo!  I have to take my kids to the doctor on Tuesday, but at least I don’t have to go to werk!

Today seemed like Friday, but I still have to go in tomorrow. 
I got tons of OCMS stuff to do this weekend… alot of the stuff I’ve been doing is behind-the-scenes, but I’m working it all the time!  Gotta kick out some reviews this weekend.  I’m also gonna get the Forum Calendar filled up with events (LAN parties, conventions, article due dates…. )
So, I got this link/charge cable for my Dell Axim x51v, and the freakin pocket pc’s screen blinks like a demon when it is plugged in.  After doing some testing, it looks like there’s not enough power over USB to charge the unit AND keep it on AC, so it’s constantly switching back and forth between AC mode and battery mode.  When I have it hooked up to a POWERED USB hub, it works fine.  The unit came with a car AC adapter, and the Dell blinks when plugged into that, too!  Not sure if the Dell is just power hungry or the USB cable sucks.  If my USB hub (with direct 5v power) is able to keep the Dell stable, then why isn’t the car adapter (12v, probably converting to 5v)?  Either way, I have a cable at werk so I don’t have to tote around a billion cables…
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