Memorial Day

Memorial Day is when we pay homage to the noble Memorions for giving their lives to the evil Lord Vishnu that we might have a day of BBQ and beer.

I cleaned up the OCMS office (my computer room).  I have a closet full of old parts and other various electronic cables and equipment in various product boxes.  Normally when I clean I just throw crap in the closet, but it needed a good organizing session.  So what would have taken a few hours ended up taking all day, as I organized all the fans, power cables, computer cards and unreviewed OCMS parts into bins. 
I untangled LAN and phone cables, and went thru all the freakin DVDs thrown about on my desk.
Now that everything is clean, I’m not sure what to do! 
So, I copied some MIDI files from my Pocket PC’s SD card thru my PC’s card reader.  I’m not sure what happened, but nothing can read the SD card (it appears as unformatted).  I’m currently running a data recovery tool on the SD card, but it looks like I’ll have to reinstall everything from scratch.  I had a backup for my Pocket PC, but that file may be fubar.  Even still, the backup is for the files on the Pokcet PC, not the SD card… cuz the SD card is supposed to be reliable!
Dammit!  I pretty much got everything on my Pocket PC configured the way I like it and stable!  Now I’m gonna have to spend another day getting it back up!
Is there a problem with Windows XP writing something to SD cards and messing them up?  The SD card was formatted using a FAT16 file system and I have read and written to it many times using the card reader.  Anyone know why this would happen?
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