Megaman-a-thon Part 1: Megaman


It begins here

Here we go. Every few days I am going to do another Megaman review until I can actually get all them reviewed. For the record, all games are reviewed in the order they are released.

I don’t think many people played this game as the first Megaman. Most of the gaming public started with Megaman 2, then found the original and played it. The original was kinda tucked away in a corner. The horribly bad box art didn’t really help it much either. It had some dude that looked like an alien holding his gun like a senile soldier and squatting like he is gonna crap nuts and bolts.

Too bad, get past that and you have a relatively entertaining game.

This, being the original, had a lot of things that were changed in the coming sequels. For one thing, the energy tanks, both weapon and health, were completely different shapes (rather than the same shape used in just about every single MM). and rather than eight robot masters like almost every adaptation(excluding the Gameboy releases) you had six.

There was also enemies appearing within the inner chambers of the bosses lair. In most of the sequels, enemies never appeared in between the two gates separating the level and the boss area.

So you are Megaman, and with your blue armor and pea-shooter gun, you go out to destroy all evil robots re-programmed by Dr. Wiley. Now at this point the game is just like every other side scrolling Nintendo game out there,

But you got to use the Boss’s weapons!

If that wasn’t cool at the time, I don’t know what was. In all actuality, many games today can credit Megaman for it’s progressive skill set. Most notably Assassin’s creed, every area in AC finished unlocks a new item or skill, until you have all of them and adequate time with your new abilities to be a walking bad ass. If all this was available from the start, it would be overwhelming. By the final levels of Megaman, you know how to use all your weapons, or at least you should hope to-this game is HARD. As in you may break a controller it is hard.

If you never went through the world of Megaman, you owe yourself to give this game a shot. It’s just fun to play. It’s a game that influence countless next generation games, and put Capcom on the map. Don’t worry about the difficulty, it only gets easier from here.

Boss Order: Bomb Man, Gutsman,Cutman,Elecman, Iceman,Fireman

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