May or may not have stolen pants

I’m sick today again, feeling really nauseous. I really REALLY wanted to go to class… trying to get notes from someone for a 2 hour class is nutters. I’m trying to decide if I want to cancel piano lessons tonight… cause I can’t really tell if I’m feeling better or not. Gah.

I think Steven and I stole pants from Macy’s in Bellevue square last night. We had a little Christmas gift card moola to spend and so we went to Macy’s to try to find Steven some pants. He tried on some by Liz Claiborne that were $69.50 retail, marked down to $52.15. He said he really liked them, so I caved and we went to purchase them. The guy rang up the pants and the total was $22.85. I exclaimed “What? That’s the total? You’ve gotta be kidding me!” And Steven elbowed me. The guy didn’t say anything, and just took my money. I don’t know if I got a super good deal and the guy doing something he wasn’t supposed to, or if the pants were actually marked down. Whatever it was, I just took the pants and ran.

That happened once where I went to buy some shoes at Nordstroms and the people thought I was returning them because I had a box that wasn’t the right size that I was giving back to them. They handed me the shoes and I opened my stupid mouth and said, “No, I need to buy these shoes.” Dammit! Sometimes I wish I were a little more dishonest and took advantage of people being flabbergasted. Oh well. 

Gotta go, thinkin’ I might barf any second..

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