Maxtor DiamondMax 200GB Hard Drive



Everyone has their own opinion on hardware these days. Hard drives have been one of the few components that most people have brand loyalty to for years and years. I have owned Western Digital and Samsung hard drives, but I had larger storage needs and needed a little more space. I decided to try a new brand, and this can lead to a change in brand loyalty. I chose a Maxtor due to their reasonable price and quality.

The Maxtor DimondMax® 200Gb ultra ATA133 8mb cache 7200rpm drive features: 
  • Fast ATA/Enhanced IDE Compatible
  • Burst Data Transfer Speeds up to 133 MB/sec
  • 200 GB capacities
  • 9.0 ms average seek time
  • 8MB & 16MB Cache Buffer (this is the interesting part)
  • Quiet Drive Technology
  • 100% FDB Motor
  • Shock Protection System
  • Data Protection System
  • 7200 RPM
  • 1Year Limited Warranty
QuckSpecs DiamondMax 10 PATA Ultra DMA133 7200 RPM
6B160P0 317,632 16:63 16,383 320,173,056 160GB
6B200P0 / 6B200R0 395,136 16:63 16,383 398,297,088 200GB
6B250R0 486,344 16:63 16,383 490,234,752 250GB
6B300R0 588,422 16:63 16,383 593,129,376 300GB
“P” in model number denotes 8 MB Buffer / “R” denotes 16MB Buffer

Maxtor provides you with every thing that you would need to install this device as an extra storage drive. It comes with an ATA cable, mounting hardware, documentation, and Maxtor’s installation/partitioning software (MaxBlast™ 4). The drive itself is well packaged in the box almost centered in a plastic pedestal supported from both sides, and the drive is wrapped in an anti-static bag. Maxtor does take pride in their products!