Man am I fugly….

Man am I fugly…. I like that picture of that guy on the Oblivion article.

So evidently people at school were worried about me. Wow they actually care at community college!!?? It is amazing.
So that lame-o student that pissed me off last friday…well they didn’t show up today. So I got my point across AND got $20! Rock on! Stupid….I hate students that just don’t show up… they should call or email. How hard is it? I think I’m going to b*tch them out because they let me know after 2 months that their son has autism. Well, that takes special training that I don’t have. Maybe if I would’ve know, I wouldn’t have thought I was so boring to him when all of my other students seem to have a good time.
I’m going to watch Spinal Tap tonight… very exciting.
AGH I went to Safeway tonight and the girl bagging my groceries was a COMPLETE tool… GRRR she pissed me off. I had like… 10 items and it seemed like each had its own individual bag!!! Damn if I didn’t have enough of those stupid plastic bags…and you know there’s nowhere to recycle them around my house… grrrr….. I should’ve made her help me out to my car in the rain.. bitch… 
OOO and I got new ice cream….yummy
And I saw the Da Vinci code on Wednesday!! It was great, awesome, electric, exciting. Oh and Time Magazine pissed me off because they called it a boring movie and a not-so-good-read-on-the-toilet-only book. I couldn’t put that damn book down! a**holes…
Woah I’m a sailor today, I guess lots of stuff pissed me off…
I wish I could go to the Sasquatch Music Festival this Sunday….. Death Cab for Cutie is playing.. Oh and Nine Inch Nails is playing tonight…. too bad. I like angry yet slightly homosexual emo music at the same time. Weird….
OO I shaved my legs tonight… that’s nice. Gotta put out for the husband… can’t become a stereotypical wife…. Das ist nicht so
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