Window Applique Creation Guide



Window appliqués. We all know them or have seen them in the case modding world. There are dozens of standard etches like your biochemical hazard logo or the nuclear radiation logo, but what if the design you want doesn’t exist? Well its time to take matters into your own hands; I’m going to explain how to create your own custom window appliqué. This guide will be cheap and easy, the only thing that might hold you back is your imagination and patience.

  • A printer (or draw by hand)
  • Some window frosting film
  • Very sharp X-Acto blade or your regular Stanley knife

You can get this film at your local hardware store, this film is available in all kinds of patterns but I’m using a plain sheet which comes in rolls of about 5 to 10 meters.

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Lets get it started, first you will need an image of your desired appliqué or to design one yourself. Print your design on a regular piece of paper, however remember to mirror your image if you are going to use it on the front of your window (as in sticking it on the front).

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After you have printed it on a normal piece of paper, cut out a piece off window film slightly larger than your design. Tape the window film to the piece of paper with the backing of the film facing upward using some double sided tape. Finally, run the piece of paper with the window film on it through your printer to print onto the window film backing. All that is left now is cutting out your design. When you’re done you should have all your pieces.

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Now here is the tricky part; we need to apply them. You will want to clean the surface to which you want to apply them. Make a really light soapy water and wash the surface, then dry it making sure there is no soap left. Spray a little water on the surface, this will allow you to move your appliqué some if you misplace it. Now remove the paper backing from the film and apply it. When you have the appliqué in place softly dry it with a terrycloth or paper towel. You can use a squeegee or credit card to ensure that the appliqué is sufficiently applied. That’s it, you’ve just made your own custom window appliqué.

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Now light that sucker with some LEDs and admire your work. As you can see this is not a really difficult tutorial, simply because making an appliqué is just that easy. Don’t be afraid to experiment, your imagination is your only blockade into making your casemod standout from the rest.

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