Madlights LED Case Lights Review



Modifying one’s computer used to be a task for the hard-core user, performing all custimazations by trial and error. Little support was given to the end user, because simply a community did not exist that offered pre-modded products.

Fast forward to today, and now there are many modding products, and a user can have a professional look with little work performed. While this brings the world of modding to the average person, many of the mods just look the same, and users can become complacent with mediocre products. For example, nearly every modder has cold cathode lighting in their rigs, with little difference to seperate them. “Red” cold cathodes look rather orangy or pink, and no one has really corrected this issue.

Enter madlights to offer an innovative lighting solution. One simple kit can fill the role of several cold cathodes by offering several color solutions. They can be used to deliver special effects that cold cathodes never could: Madlights can be focused to spotlight a particular area in one’s case, and they are digitally controlled to change color, fade in, or cycle colors. The lighting units are small enough to be placed almost anywhere in a case.


The kit I received came in a US Priority Mail box. Once opened, there is an installation sheet, a blue limited warranty card, a pink bag containing the hardware, and a white box containing a bunch of plastic mouting hardware. The various plastic angle brackets and wire clips are attached with Velcro for easy installation and removal. Each of the LED modules come with pre-attached Velcro strips, as does the circuit board.