Mad Dog 39-Inch UV SATA Cable Review



In the past few years, increasing hard disk transfer rates have forced the ATA interface to be continuously updated beyond its limits. Consumers have adopted new uses for their computers, which require vast amounts of storage for digital audio and video, file sharing, and other data-intensive transfers. Serial ATA (SATA) was developed to overcome the limitations and bottleneck of the Ultra ATA interface. Serial ATA drives have become popular not only for their next-generation transfer rate and speed, but also because their small cable size allows for maximum airflow.

Parallel ribbon cables are an absolute pain, and have many drawbacks. They can only be 40cm, which makes drive installation difficult in larger cases. Many times drive placement requires that a ribbon cable be twisted 180 degrees, which can twist and distort the cable, causing a kink in the cable that degrades performance. Airflow within the case can become severely limited with the use of multiple bulky ribbon cables. Rounded cables help, but other limitations of the ATA interface still exist.

S-ATA’s small transfer cable has caught the attention of modders because they are more flexible and allow users to easily route the cable throughout their cases. Up until recently there really weren’t a lot of modded SATA cables, and we were stuck with the standard red or black cables that came with our motherboards. These OEM SATA cables are generally very short, at around 15 inches, which prevents a lot of clever cable routing even in smaller cases. Serial ATA cables are begging to be routed, as they are so thin they can easily fit behind case components and can be tucked away without being seen, leaving one’s case looking so much neater.

Mad Dog Multimedia has answered the modder’s pleas for a tricked-out SATA cable. These cables feature the standard speeds for SATA-2 as well as some additional enhancements. These cables are UV reactive and are slightly more responsive than an OEM cable. Mad Dog Multimedia has also implemented a locking mechanism in the connector head to prevent accidental unplugging. They come in 3 different colors (blue, green, and clear), which provides more than just a custom look: you can use a set of colors to visually designate particular drives or clusters of drives.

Mad Dog’s UV SATA Cables are designed with a secure locking system and a flat design that will enhance airflow to give your rig the competitive edge you want and need. We know that you “play hard or don’t play” so we ensure the Uncompromising Excellence you demand is found in all of our Techie Toyz UV cables.


  • long 37″ length
  • Supports speeds up to 150MB/sec
  • Glows under UV light
  • Locking 8mm wide connectors provide connection security
  • Flat design to enhance airflow
  • EMI shielding
  • Hot-plugging capability*
  • Overlapping commands*
  • Tagged command queueing*
  • 4 signal wires, 3 ground wires*