Lucius (PC) Review


Who's a good anti-christ?

Lucius is a new horror adventure/puzzle game that is a little different.  Instead of a typical survival horror scenario, you play the role of the antihero, a 7-year old boy who happens to have been born on June 6, 1966 (6/6/66).

The game takes place in a huge freaking mansion, and is more a less a sandbox environment.  The mansion is so detailed that it becomes the main obstacle when playing the game.  Nearly everything can be manipulated, so you really have to hunt to find the items needed to complete your missions (kills).  When entering a room you have to scrutinize and hover your mouse over every freaking thing (which is difficult at little-boy angles) just to see if it is useful.


For example, you wouldn’t  just stumble upon your toothbrush unless your mother told you to brush your teeth.  Even though you know it has to be in the bathroom somewhere, it takes a few minutes just to locate it.  Thankfully later in the game you can get rewards for doing your chores, and one of them is a magic music box that helps you find what you’re looking for.


The graphics are pretty good, and the level of detail is amazing.  The graphics can be changed from Good all the way to Ultra High, but “High” is probably best for most people.  Ultra-High started to slow down, even with an Intel i7 950 processor and GeForce GTX 460 video card.  With all the attention to detail, it amazes me that the lip synch of the characters is really sloppy.