Lots of gaming today

Ugh today was a long day. I just finished writing an ed… look for it soon!

Lots of gaming today. Oh, and a sh*tload of homework. Stupid finals are coming up and I have a math test on Tuesday, which means I need to do some homework and also, study. Yah, studying = good… flunking = bad.
Chores… lots of chores. You know how you get so busy sometimes that you forget to clean your house? Yah, big mistake. Oh well.
I hate my Ipod. Why did apple make those things so scratchable? It makes no frickin’ sense. They advertise the Ipod in people’s pockets, but if you put it in your pocket, it attracts like 10 more scratches!! DAMMIT!
I just got done watching SuperTroopers.. heehee.
I’m going over to Alan’s tomorrow for some Xbox 360 fun. Very exciting thing to do on my day off. Oh and I have to teach for an hour, blargh. One of my students actually insulted me yesterday, saying that I don’t play “emotionally” when I’m sight-reading. Well, f*ck you! I used to be a choir and orchestra accompanist, as well as a pit director. When you’ve got 2 hours worth of music to learn in a few weeks, you don’t play emotionally, you play to hit the f*cking right notes. She was amazed at my sight-reading, but not because I didn’t play “with emotion”. Yah, screw emotion. I get payed to play the right notes, thank you. I hate students that think just because they’re older than you that they can insult your piano playing and tell you how to teach. Well if it’s that big of a deal, don’t take lessons from me! I have a high opinion of myself when it comes to sight-reading…. I got offered a gig in Disneyland once on piano making movie soundtracks, but was under 18 so I couldn’t take it. So there!! (not that I’m trying to brag, just prove a point!)
Well I must be off to bed… I’m not used to being up this late…. but Zoolander keeps calling to me….”Do not be distracted by the beautiful celebrities…”
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