Lost Two Students

Been working a lot lately. Unfortunately this week I’ve lost two piano students. Well, I guess it’s only kind of unfortunate, they were both huge pains in my ass. It’s a pay cut, but perhaps I will be able to work more at Gamestop, thus having more claimable income. Suppose it’s not too bad…..

Decided that after getting my RN, I will likely go to UW Tacoma to their RN-BSN program. Pretty neato. They actually have easier requirements than UW Seattle. I wonder why that is? Dunno. 
John fixed my laptop so it runs better… ah…. so nice not to have to wait for the stupid thing to load all the time.
Just finished the Rayman review…it’s a little late, but better than never. Burning Crusade is coming out soon! I guess Gamestop is having a contest where gamers dress up like their WoW character and then do that character’s dance…… winners do the best dance…. WoW gamers… you sure are nerds! I mean that in the nicest way possible of course.
Off to do some more quality gaming!
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