Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Xbox 360


Another aliens vs humans game?

Title Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions (Xbox 360)
Genre Shooter
Release Date January 12th, 2007
Xbox Live Multiplayer 1-16
HDTV Support 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound Dolby Digital 5.1
Rating T (Teen) Animated Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is the most hyped game on the Xbox 360 since Gears of War. Both seem to have a lot in common: GoW and Lost Planet advertise wonderful graphics, original gameplay, and one can’t help but notice the correlation between both games’ storylines… it’s us versus the aliens once again. So what exactly makes Lost Planet different from Gears of War?

Humans have decided to abandon their comfortable, heat-filled lives in order to colonize a cold, isolated planet called E.D.N. III. (If anyone gets my drift, this is nothing like the place described in the Bible.) The first team of humans to arrive learn that there are colonies of enemy aliens already present on their new home, called the Akrid. These Akrid are hostile and enjoy the taste of human meat. However, the humans have discovered a use for them too: their bodies contain a kind of thermal energy that can be collected and used. The humans retreated, then returned with new technology capable of standing up against the Akrid: the Vital Suit. The survivors banded together to form a group called the “snow pirates” and have begun roaming the planet using their VSs in search of Akrid colonies to destroy.

You are Wayne. Wayne, his father Gail, and many other survivors have banded together in their search for Akrid. One Akrid named “Green Eye” ruins the plan by showing up unexpectedly and threatening the lives of Wayne’s small group. Wayne and other members jump into their Vital Suits and a battle begins. As the group notices that Green Eye cannot be stopped, they begin to retreat. While the others are running, Gail arrives and surrenders his life to let the others survive. During the retreat, Wayne gets knocked out and his VS is covered in ice and snow. Some time later, Wayne is discovered by some traveling snow pirates who nurse him back to health. Now Wayne and the remaining snow pirates have two missions: find and destroy all of the colonies of Akrid, and seek revenge on Green Eye.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has an interesting set up. Wayne must find thermal energy to stay alive, and most of this energy is harvested from data points or Akrid. The meter is constantly running out, and you must continue to fill Wayne’s energy meter. If the meter gets down to zero, Wayne will begin to die…… and it is no slow and painful death. Running from your enemies is not an option, as you need to kill them to stay alive.