Lost Boys: The Tribe Movie Review


“Edgar Frog. Surfboard shaper. Vampire hunter.” Corey Feldman has resumed his role as the vampire killer hated by everyone equally in the original Lost Boys. Only this time, instead of running a comic book shop with his brother, he is living alone in a small mobile home that he shapes surfboards in. Is this a tribute to Lost Boys, or a total sacrilege. Either way, it went straight to video. Usually not a good sign.

In Lost Boys: The Tribe, Chris (American Pie: Band Camp’s Tad Hilgenbrink) and his sister Nicole (Autumn Reeser) move to Luna Bay, California after Chris is kicked out of surfing for destroying another surfer’s knee. They move into their bitchy Aunt’s guest house.

In an interview with MTV, Corey Feldman said, “Once again, you have a fish-out-of-water story of two young folks who move into a new town to visit their relatives and find themselves caught up with a bunch of bloodsuckers. I really like the script because it is very close and very true to the structure of the original film — same kind of scares, same kind of laughs, same kind of relationships.”

Late one night Chris runs into a famous ex-surfer named Shane (Angus Sutherland, brother of Keifer), who invites him to a party at his house. Chris and Nicole go to the party, only to find that it’s a gang of vampires, and Shane is the leader. One of the vampires turns out to be the guy who’s knee Chris smashed. Shane decides to take Nicole as his mate in order to seduce Chris into joining the gang.

Edgar Frog, after bashing Nicole in the head back at Chris’s house, tells him his sister is a vampire, and they will have to go after Shane and his friends. So reluctantly, Chris agrees and they devise a plan to rid Luna Bay of it’s vampires once and for all. There is even a small appearance by Corey Haim as his original character, Sam.

I was amazed to find this movie was actually quite good. I had fun watching it, and it brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. The story really is pretty close to the original, yet has distanced itself quite a bit. There will probably be a lot of slanderous people saying that this is horrible movie, and that it never should have been made, it was nothing like the original. And I say GOOD! If I wanted to watch the original, I would break out my limited edition VHS and watch it. I wanted to see a sequel. If you can’t handle the fact that in movies and real life, things change, then maybe you should just stay at home and hide in your closet.

My verdict? The Lost Boys: The Tribe was a very good movie. It was true to form, had plenty of the old-school action mixed with newer CG stunts. I don’t believe that a better sequel for this movie could have been made. The only thing I ask? Please, for the love of the two Coreys, don’t do a Goonies 2… And WTF is with all these Sutherlands playing in vampire movies? Keifer in Lost Boys, Angus in Lost Boys 2, Donald in the Buffy movie. Damn.


Plans for a sequel to The Lost Boys had been in varying stage of development since the release of the original film. Director of the original film Joel Schumacher had wanted to do a sequel called The Lost Girls before the announcement of The Tribe, a film in which he has no input in and does not believe should be made.In addition, a script called Lost Boys: Devil May Cry was also considered.

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