Long Teaching Day

Ugh today was an extremely long teaching day. Stupid 7 students in 6 hours. You may ask “how does that make ANY sense?!” Well, I have to factor in drive-time as well. I really like some of my students… but others are a pain in my ass. Anyone else in a teaching position that feels that way too?
Haha Daniel, I got a piece of fanmail asking for a copy of the nude photos I sent you…. (that I didn’t actually send….)
I got all of my homework done earlier today…rock on. NEW ER TONIGHT!!! IT’S THE SEASON FINALE!!! WEEEE!!!!
I fell asleep during South Park last night. Isn’t it sad that South Park has become boring enough to sleep during? Did anyone see the one with the whale? Holy f*ck that was horrible. And I even felt sad with the dead whale on the moon!! What happened to “Shut your f*cking face uncle f*cker!”???? I wish Drawn Together was new episodes right now too. Oh well, Family Guy has been my comic savior lately.
Lan party this weekend. I’m very excited. I may have already stated that earlier somewhere, but I thought I’d reiterate.
I’m eating ice cream for dinner. It’s the dinner of champions! Oh well, it happens when you get home at 9pm. You just don’t wanna cook! Oh, and oatmeal cookies. Lots and lots of oatmeal cookies.
Dude I can’t believe I haven’t gotten any replies about my minge comment yesterday. Crazy…hahaha
Okay, time to go get some more ice cream….
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